Choosing A Magic The Gathering Deck That Suits You

It can be a difficult task when choosing a type of Magic the Gathering deck to play with. Today we will touch base on a couple different types of decks that are available. I've outlined some of the pros and cons of each deck so that hopefully this will make your decision a lot easier. So without further ado let's get going.

Control Decks

One of the first types of Magic the Gathering decks we will talk about are control decks. Control decks are used a bit more on the strategical side of the game. Think of these decks as more of a defensive type. They are typically used to slow the game down to the user's pace. This is done so that the user has more control over the game, hence the name "control deck". There are plenty of benefits when using these types of decks, but it all depends on the type of player you are. If you enjoy longer games, games where strategy and complexity comes into play and simply just frustrating your opponent, then this is the type of deck for you.

Now the cons of using this type of deck should be a bit obvious. For starters, the game will be much longer than if you are using an aggro deck ( more on that later). Control decks try to gain an edge a card advantage, and this takes a bit of time to achieve. Another con is the fact that if you are going against an aggro deck, there can often times be a lot of pressure to survive the early stages in the battle. If your strategy is not on point, then this can cost you the game. That is because aggro decks are aimed at using a fast tempo, where as control decks try to contain and slow that tempo. As you can see there are benefits and down falls to these type of Magic the Gathering decks but ultimately it all depends on the player.

Aggro Decks

It's only right that we follow up control decks with aggro decks. These two decks are like mortal enemies. They are opposites. Aggro decks have an offensive style of play. They are designed with fast tempo in mind. The aim with these decks is to put huge amounts of pressure on your opponent early on in the game. If done correctly, this can easily either give you an advantage with tempo, or end the game entirely in your favor. The mind set of the Aggro deck, is attack, attack, attack. Tempo, tempo, tempo!

These types of Magic the Gathering decks are for the aggressive player or for the player who loves action. Pros of using an aggro deck are being in control early on, having a fast tempo, and constantly being on the offensive. Like I said these decks are for those people who love action. Destroying an opponent in the early turns of a game can be exhilarating. Apart from the pros, there are some cons to these decks. First off is tempo, if you lose your tempo then your are going to have your back against the wall. Which leads us to the biggest con. The biggest being if the game persist longer than planned then your are in some trouble. Usually aggro decks don't have enough resources to last a long game. Just like any deck on this list, the deck will depend on the players ability to execute.

Combo Decks

The name says it all! These decks are based off of combos. The combos used will usually end the game. So strategy and execution are a huge concept associated with these types of decks. A couple pros of these decks are the fact that if you can draw and appropriately use your combos, you usually are lead to a swift victory. A con is the opposite of the pro, if you can't execute your combos in a timely fashion, then that's all she wrote, your done. The great thing about combo decks is the fact that there are plenty of ways to build these decks as well as play them. If you like strategy, then this is the deck for you.

Midrange Decks

My personal favorite type of Magic the Gathering deck, is a midrange deck. if Control decks and Aggro decks had a baby, well midrange would be the off spring. They can be set up to be a perfect balance of long range games as well as short and sweet games. A main pro in using a midrange deck is the amount of versatility you get as a user. You are able to adjust your play depending on the opponent you are playing against. Which is always a pro, because you are never stuck sticking to one strategy. One major con of these decks are the fact that you don't always have a specific theme working for you. You aren't 100% of an aggressor or 100% of a controller. I still personally love using these decks, and I usually win!

Rouge Decks

Rouge decks are usually used by serious players. They are decks that are usually put together by that specific player, using his or her own personal strategy as well as preference. These decks are not typically found online simply because of the fact that they are personally built. A huge benefit of using a Rouge deck is the fact that your opponent has no clue what to expect. They have no idea if certain cards you play are going to lead to combos, attacks, defense, etc. A major downfall of using a rouge deck is that if you are not an experienced player, then you might not be using cards that compliment each other. This could lead to many losses. So if you are a beginner stick to a pre-made deck and build from there.

Theme Decks

Theme decks are just that, based around a theme. You can do multiple things with a theme deck, based off the fact that there are plenty of things to go off. For example you can base your theme off a creature you like or even a token. Benefits to using a theme deck are quite nice because they can really revolve around your personal preferences and biases. If you like spells, base it off spells, if you like creatures, then center it around a creature. There aren't too many downfalls to these decks, only the fact that you must make sure you have a strong and reliable theme.

Milling Decks

Milling decks are decks used to run your opponent out of cards. There are many ways to do this but it is most commonly done in one way. That being short burst cards. The problem with this is that if you run out of fuel early on then there's a good chance you won't be able to finish your opponent off later on. These decks are going to take some serious tweaking and protection if you want to be able to last the game. The great news is that there are plenty of ways to do the job.

Hybrid Decks


Aggro-combo decks use the aggressive offense of an aggro deck and the combo aspect of the combo decks. When using these decks you can really put tons of pressure on your opponent. These decks require a bit of research and knowledge when putting together,so make sure you do your research.


These decks combine the best of three worlds. They combine efficient element distribution, heavy creature damage and the ability to put it all together to wipe your opponent out instantly. The pros are obvious for this one, your weapon choices are so mass, your opponent is going to need something big to stop you.


Control-combo decks are a great compliment to each other. The purpose of a control deck is to prolong the game until your opponent runs out of gas. The problem with that is that sometimes your opponent is being a little more stubborn than you would like. Well that's when your combos come into play. If you have some decent combos set up and you can execute properly, then you might not have to rely solely on your control strategy. You can see how this type of Magic the Gathering deck can come in handy. Fore warning though, these types of decks have a major con. That being that if your opponent is an over whelming attacker and your combos don't come into play soon enough, you could lose the game.

As you can see there are several different types of Magic the Gathering decks to choose from. Choosing a type of deck you would like to use depends on many different factors. When it is all said and done it all depends on the type of player you are and what type of game you would like to play. So start off with the type of deck that suits your play style and build from there. Now go out there and have some fun!

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